Wosac limited is a company engaged in Ship Husbandry, Shipping Agencies, Cargo Booking, Freight Consultancy, Shipping Information, Brokerage, Maritime Claims and Crew Attendance.

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Why Work with us?

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    Wosac has competent inventory on manpower with vast experience in the industry for more than 12 years
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    We are licensed by M/S Surface and Maritime Transport Regulatory Authority and has good relationship with M/S Tanzania Ports Authority; and M/S Tanzania Freight Forwarders Association
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    Wosac is an active member of M/S Tanzania Shipping Agents Association. (TASAA).

Our Staff

Our Staff are highly trained with insurmountable experience in Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Imports and Exports This highly qualified and dedicated team works round the clock to ensure that our customers need are met to their expectation.

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